Morgan Edwards is a personal trainer and competitive natural bodybuilder of 30+ years. After competing in many different organizations, his vision to unite and welcome competitors from all organizations into the most competitor friendly setting possible became a reality.

On November 17, 2012, the ME vs ME Beauty and Bodies Classic arrived. Determined to bring a different and completely unique event along with the competitors total satisfaction and rewards were his first priority. From that first show in mid-November at the beautiful Studio 2131 in downtown Kansas City, the competitors quickly realized this was the show and attention to detail that they had been starving for. Quality music and sound, special effects and theatrical lighting, lasers and fog, rewards, gifts, perks and cash, have become a quality tradition that is a well-known trademark of all ME vs ME events.

If you have competed in a prior Beauty and Bodies Classic, we welcome you back and extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued participation. If you have not competed or attended one of our shows, we extend an invitation to you as well, come see for yourself what all the noise is about and experience the new age of bodybuilding. Let’s bring back the fun.


Morgan's accomplishment's onstage has provided him with valuable knowledge which he has used to become a successful promoter and head judge of the ME vs ME Beauty and Bodies Classic.   

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