1. Are there any membership cards or polygraphs required?
a. There are no membership cards or polygraphs required. We welcome competitors from all organizations.

2. What is the cost per class?
a. The cost per class is $90.00 plus a minimal card processing fee.

3. Are there any discounts for crossing over to multiple classes?
a. The cost per class remains the same, no matter how many classes you enter.

4. How much are event tickets?
a. Event tickets are $40 for an all day pass.

5. What if I only want to attend the morning or evening show, is there a discount?
a. The price for the event is $40 for an all day pass, there are no discounts for attending only one session.

6. Can I get a refund if I drop out of the show?
a. All entries are non refundable.

7. Can I have someone back stage with me?
a. Yes, each competitor will receive one back stage wrist band the morning of the event at the 8 am competitor meeting. This gives one person access to back stage free of charge, however, an event ticket purchase is mandatory.  The back stage helper will be required to show both wrist bands to door security prior to entry.

8. Do you have posing seminars?
a. Yes, we normally have 4 Free Information and Posing Seminars leading up to the show.

9. Do I need to have posing music?
a. Women’s Physique/Bodybuilding and Men’s Bodybuilding classes will pose to their own music for the evening show. The posing music needs to be burned to a CD or Thumb Drive and turned in at check-in. The average length in time is 90 seconds but you will not be cut off if you go a little over that. You need to indicate at check-in if you want your music to start as you are walking onto the stage or once you are set on stage.

10. What classes are the cash prizes given?
a. $250.00 will be given to the Open Bikini, Open Figure, Open Men’s Physique and Open Men’s Bodybuilding overall winners.

11. How do I become a Sponsor of the show?
a. Contact Morgan Edwards at 913-461-7192.

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